Here Program Managers will be able to access resources available for program management including policies and procedures, detailed information on programs offered by CoBL, resources, sessions, developing programs, minors and majors, and annual comprehensive reviews.

Here you will find information including: the program process overview, steps and links to new proposal, approval and implementation maps, as well as ideas on how to develop new programs, identify relevant course changes and align requirements.

All coursework programs must conduct Annual Reviews each year (unless they are conducting a Comprehensive Program Review in the same year). This includes Associate Degrees, HE programs delivered with partner institutions, new programs and those that are discontinued or in teach out.

The intent of the Comprehensive Program Reviews is to monitor and document critical reflection on our program delivery to inform decision making and bring about evidence-based improvements, to ensure our programs remain relevant, in touch with industry standards and expectations and in demand by the market.

The Quality Indicators for Learning and Teaching (QILT) are a suite of government endorsed surveys for higher education, across the student life cycle from commencement to employment.

QILT makes available robust, nationally consistent performance data for Australian higher education, helping drive quality improvement.

The Program dashboard and school reports are instrumental sources of information that provides insights into our programs at RMIT.

This dashboard brings together data from multiple sources providing us with a comprehensive understanding of our HE programs. It is an instrumental source of information for program reviews.

The COBL Learning Design Resource Centre provides practical examples for how teaching staff can further enhance their courses using evidence based approaches and activities Created in collaboration with experienced learning designers, media producers and education developers, this toolkit offers a tailored and targeted series of resources.

Adoption of the tips and techniques suggested in these resources will help increase student satisfaction by engaging the cohort with opportunities to connect with their instructors and content in diverse ways.

The CEID hub is designed to provide RMITs educational community of both professional and academic staff, with resources that support the University's strategy for excellence in curriculum design, program and course delivery, educational technologies, educator capability and scholarly engagement, and graduate employability.

Beginning with strategy and frameworks that explain and contextualise the guiding principles and standards that you need to know, including design of programs/courses and tools and resources that support program and course delivery.

The Quality Enhancement site provides College and School academic and professional staff with a vast array of essential resources. Including lists of all College and School programs and courses offered in all locations and delivery modes.

Quick links to essential program and course forms, links to relevant policies, and answers to frequently asked questions.

The Quality Enhancement team works in collaboration with educational leaders and program teams to monitor, review and enhance programs and courses across CoBL, and promote continuous quality improvements.

List of CoBL program a managers for both Australia and Vietnam.