Course Coordinators are responsible for planning and coordinating the teaching and assessment arrangements of a Course, and for upholding its academic quality and integrity. Here educators will find content relevant to their role and be able to explore a comprehensive list of resources available.

The Quality Enhancement site provides College and School academic and professional staff with a vast array of essential resources. Including lists of all College and School programs and courses offered in all locations and delivery modes.

Quick links to essential program and course forms, links to relevant policies, and answers to frequently asked questions.

Each of us needs a toolkit of skills (capabilities) that will allow us to adapt, thrive and innovate our way through life. Being at university is a key time to really focus on developing your capabilities- the ones you already have, and the ones you want.

In the College of Business and Law, these capabilities are expressed in a framework that evidences (6) six key areas and opportunities to develop in any (or all) of these areas are provided throughout your studies.

WIL activities at RMIT are aligned to course and program learning outcomes. These WIL activities are assessed, involve authentic engagement with industry and community partners, are integrated across the whole program, and undertaken in a workplace context whether on or off campus, or online.

Here you will have the opportunity to uncover guidance and opportunities to integrate WIL into your course.

The College of Business and Law Learning & Teaching Awards recognise outstanding contributions made by our CoBL educators and L&T professionals, either as individuals or teams, to learning and teaching practices, projects and initiatives.

Course Learning Outcomes inform students of exactly what they will learn and what they must be able to demonstrate and courses.

Writing them well is critical for good course design and helps courses meet the Australian Government requirements as identified in the TEQSA Threshold Standards.

Here you will find RMIT's guide to getting started with a new Canvas shell. Whether you are building a new course or planning to use content from a previous course offering, this page will help get you started. Canvas Course templates are available to help structure your courses.

You can find information on how to build a course all the way through to how to publish a course shell.

Explore and find out who the CoBL Course Coorindators are in Australia, Vietnam and Vietnam.

This Course Coordinator Guide outlines the roles and responsibilities for new and experienced Course Coordinators in the College of Business and Law.