This content is relevant to new teachers, sessionals and those beginning their teaching journey.

There are valuable resources for early-career academics providing offer early career professionals the opportunity to develop a career for advancement and to become familiar with the opportunities.

The College of Business and Law provides a suite of modules on blended learning.

These 11 modules cover many considerations for contemporary teaching at RMIT, focussing on changing the default mode of teaching from predominantly face to face lectures and tutorials with supplemental online learning to a fully blended learning model.

The modules are comprehensive and designed to support teachers from a wide range of backgrounds and experiences.

This short course introduces the guiding principles and standards contributing to a culture of Academic Integrity (AI) within the RMIT community. During this course staff will cover topics such as understanding academic misconduct and why not all students cheat.

Followed by a critical section on developing a culture of academic integrity, promoting AI, educating learners on AI and designing assessments to encourage AI.

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Ed Talk

Experts in the ever-evolving field of education share their insights, struggles, and successes. The Ed talks provide the opportunity for academics to gain an insight into such topics as Connecting Student with Global Industry with Viktor Borg, Senior Lecturer, Accounting and many more to from peers.