These resources are intended to support and inform teaching staff to equip them with skills to assist in the development of their career, course build, and innovative digital engagement.

Early Career Academics

This content is relevant to new teachers, sessionals and those beginning their teaching journey. There are valuable resources for early-career academics providing offer early career professionals the opportunity to develop a career for advancement and to become familiar with the opportunities.

Course Coordinator

Course Coordinators are responsible for planning and coordinating the teaching and assessment arrangements of a Course, and for upholding its academic quality and integrity. Here educators will find content relevant to their role and be able to explore a comprehensive list of resources available.


The COBL Learning Design Resource Centre provides practical examples for how teaching staff can further enhance their courses using evidence based approaches and activities created in collaboration with experienced learning designers, media producers and education developers, this toolkit offers a tailored and targeted series of resources.

Adoption of the tips and techniques suggested in these resources will help increase student satisfaction by engaging the cohort with opportunities to connect with their instructors and content in diverse ways.

The CEID hub is designed to provide RMITs educational community of both professional and academic staff, with resources that support the University's strategy for excellence in curriculum design, program and course delivery, educational technologies, educator capability and scholarly engagement, and graduate employability.

Beginning with strategy and frameworks that explain and contextualise the guiding principles and standards that you need to know, including design of programs/courses and tools and resources that support program and course delivery.

The Quality Enhancement site provides College and School academic and professional staff with a vast array of essential resources. Including lists of all College and School programs and courses offered in all locations and delivery modes.Quick links to essential program and course forms, links to relevant policies, and answers to frequently asked questions.

The Quality Enhancement team works in collaboration with educational leaders and program teams to monitor, review and enhance programs and courses across CoBL, and promote continuous quality improvements.