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[su_lightbox_content id=”my-custom-popup” width=”80%” text_align=”left”]Hi all I thought it might be useful for all of us if I outline what I expect from you. This will make it easier for all of us to work together in the same space. So for this course I would like you to: Please note that professional communication is required at all times. Communicate to the whole group using Blackboard. For more personal or confidential forms of communication, send me an email. Each week I expect you will read the readings and engage with each other on the discussion board voicing your opinions, thoughts and additional information that you have found outside of the readings. Include your experiences from your professional work but be mindful of confidentiality. The more often you post and contribute, the richer your experience will be. You all have a wealth of experience and knowledge to share with me and your peers. If you are working in a group, you will need to decide how to communicate with each other, e.g. blogs, wiki, Skype, Google Hangouts, Google docs. Make sure you use a communication tool that is available to everyone. Make sure you have read the communication guidelines about the tone and language to be used when communicating to the whole group. The more often you post, the richer this learning environment will become.[/su_lightbox_content]

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