mQlicker – Student Response System

mQlicker is a free student response sysem which has a very nice interface.  Responders use an app that can be downloaded for iOS and Android devices, or from any web browser.  Students do not need to create an account, you provide them with an access code to join the session. There is no limit on […]

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VoxVote is a free (with optional paid options) student response tool: Features (as stated from their website) include: Unlimited Audience Vote over internet (WiFi, 3G, https) browser based Live graph results Respondents can receive an email summary Logo Branding Create instant new questions Vote anonymous Secure voting Unlimited projects/events Vot...

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Online student response systems can be quite effective in addressing some of the challenges for teaching and learning in large classrooms. These systems are based on the old “Clickers” which are handheld devices used to transmit student’s responses to a receiver and usually only in response to multiple choice questions. The new online versions of [...

Read More is a web-based Q&A and polling platform which can be used in lectures for students to ask questions and vote in live polls via their phones, tablets or computers. One of the benefits of using is that it is super easy to set up and lets students immediately connect, via the URL, without downloading […]

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