Taking your video to the next level!

You’ve got your information – learn the basics and make it shine!

Hollywood in your pocket

Over the last few years the entry point for producing a video has dropped so low that the very device some Hollywood productions are filmed with is often found in your pocket – the smartphone! ┬áThe general sentiment that it doesn’t matter how or what you capture your video on as long as the content is engaging and relevant you’ll make a pretty good piece of production material. But of equal important is the basics!

What are the things that you need to know, and which boxes do you need to tick in order for your run of the mill content piece to really shine and get maximum engagement – the ADG Production Hub has created a quick guide to get you started.

So – what are the basics when recording video?

Content is King – but if your basics are off. Your video will suffer!

Being aware of these basic production elements will ensure you’re video’s are not only of a high quality but also engaging!

The magic ingredients

Average attention span for video content is 6 minutes – keep it short and to the point

Think begining, middle and end – if you find your topic is too big try seperating into a few smaller videos!

Video and animation – they’re different to presenting a lecture or tutorial. Recognise the strengths and weaknesses of the medium. Audience interaction can come off cheesy and fake and engagement could suffer!

At a bare minimum a smart casual look should be adopted – but also think about your audience. A more formal approach might need to be adopted for presenting to different audiences.

Where you’re looking when presenting to camera can make or break a video. If you’re engaging with the audience and talking directly to them face straight down the lens of the camera. If you’re after something a little less confronting, try getting someone to ask you questions and talk off screen.

All the stuff that takes your average talking head and changes it to a fully fledged movie! It’s also a great way to hide mistakes and errors that you may have made throughout the speaking.

Often times an audience can forgive subpar visuals, but if the audio is poorly recorded or hard to listen to – you’re engagement will plummet! Think about your environment when recording your video content – listen out for background noise and ensure you’re close to the micrphone!

Come to your shoot with some notes either on your phone or printed out. You can refer to these between filming segments to refresh your memory!

What is REC?

Bringing the RMIT Academic community the tools to communicate the content.

REC is a video, animation and blog series from the ADG Production Hub.  Delivering capability and thought leadership around story telling, user generated multimedia, enriching canvas and above all else allowing students to connect with the content!

It’s not only how to use the tools but which tools fits the job!

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