Open Studio – February

For 2018 the Academic Development Group is hosting several Open Studio sessions. This is a time where Academic staff can utilise the specialist media staff of the ADG for technical support and advice in creating media-rich content for canvas.

For February the focus is Welcome Videos and headshots. There will be two Welcome Video sessions and one headshot session.

Welcome Video Sessions

For the welcome video session, you are invited to attend a photo-booth style set up in which you can record your Welcome Message, a requirement of the 14 elements of Canvas. By the end of the welcome video session, you will have filmed your introduction, uploaded it into Canvas’s ARC platform and embedded the content into your course. It is important to bring along prepared notes or a basic script of what you’re going to say in your welcome video. For guidance in what your welcome video should look like visit the RMIT Studios Site.

There will be a media staff member from the Academic Development Group on hand to provide any assistance for your whole session. This is designed to show you how to record your own content on any consumer devices like a laptop or smart phone.

Welcome Video – February 15th – Booking Form
Welcome Video – February 26th – Booking Form
HeadShots – February 28th – Expression of interest

Headshots and Photos

These drop-in sessions are ideal for if you require a refresh to your current headshot. Great if you missed the College of Business hosted session. At the moment we are taking expressions of interest to assess demand. Please fill out the form and the ADG media team will be in touch!