Through it’s strategic plan, Ready for Life and Work, RMIT has made a commitment to provide transformative experiences for students, preparing them for life and work and also  to help shape world with research, innovation, teaching and engagement.

Strong employability skills assist students to navigate the changing world of work, make choices about their careers and also ensures that they stand out to prospective employers. Along with technical understanding and subject knowledge, employers now demand employees have transferable skills such as communication, teamwork, creative thinking, problem-solving, initiative, organisation, and proficiency with digital technologies.

Enterprise skills are also highly valuable as they enable graduates to create new ventures and seize business opportunities, or be a substantial contributor to an enterprise as an employee. An enterprising mind-set includes a mix of creative, entrepreneurial, leadership and problem-solving skills.

Meg Elkins, course coordinator for Business Design Project 1 and 2 integrates employability and enterprise formation into the curriculum to get students ready for life and work, as is making and sustaining industry connections and providing students with networking opportunities.

In Business Design Project 1 course, student apply design thinking principles and techniques to explore and critically review a contemporary business issue or opportunity, produce a project proposal with proposed solutions and communicate or pitch a project proposal to key stakeholders to gain support for adoption and implementation.

In Business Design Project 2 course, Business Design Project 2 course, students apply research and critical thinking skills to inform strategic approaches or solutions.  Students create business model canvases, strategies and options using design thinking principles and techniques, respond to and reflect on feedback to develop strategies for improvement.  Students then develop a full financial model that would see their product commercialised. To further encourage business ideation and business development students work with multiple business model canvases to demonstrate how their ideas can be realised. communicate options or solutions effectively.


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