Zlatko Muhvic teaches Marketing Principles, a first year course offered in the Associate Degree in Business, to a diverse student cohort transitioning into Higher Education. This course requires students to undertake a major group assessment task (25%) where teamwork skills are crucial to complete the task successfully and also to assess achievement of the the course learning outcomes. An ‘Effective Teamwork’ module has been developed for students with an outline of the principles of teamwork, a step-by-step guide on forming an effective and high-performing team, learning activities to develop teamwork skills, templates for planning team tasks, and templates to capture personal reflection. The content and learning activities have been adapted from the ALTC-funded “Working in Teams” module (2007).

The principles of teamwork included:

  • introduction to teams
  • establishing the team
  • equity in a team
  • managing projects
  • reflecting and evaluating process and outcomes.

The learning activities and templates included:

  • short videos including teamwork at play and de lijn-pinguin, which reinforced the principles
  • online quizzes to test understanding of the principles of teamwork
  • diagnostic tools (e.g. team skills questionnaires) to support team roles)
  • ice-breaker activities
  • templates to support team formation (e.g. team charter, equity of contribution as a team)
  • templates to manage teamwork (e.g. project action plan)
  • templates for personal reflection on the experience of the team
  • evaluation templates to elicit and capture the experience of the team
  • web links to an oral presentation guide
  • an interactive guide with exemplars to support writing a marketing plan.

Link to the module : https://www.dlsweb.rmit.edu.au/bus/public/mktg1329_managing_teamwork/managing.html