Technology has the potential to improve many aspects of our daily lives, including learning. It has been proven to increase student engagement (Kuh & Hu, 2001) and learning outcomes. However, as current students are very technology savvy, and are getting increasingly so with each new generation, in order to engage them with technology, educators must use the same up-to-date technologies that students are already using. Additionally, the technology must be used in the same (or in a compatible) manner in which students use them. This leads to a smoother uptake and better acceptance within the student cohort.

Christopher Cheong uses digital technologies like Piazza, TTM, CATME and Quick Quiz to increase student engagement and motivation and accelerates learning.

Piazza :
Piazza ( is used for communication purposes, enabling students to communicate with each other and academics.  Academics can post announcements to students, students can post publicly to other students in the course and academics, or they can choose to post privately to their tutors, eliminating the need for emails.  Piazza is also available as a mobile app, which allows faster responses as both students and academics can be notified of new messages on their mobile devices.

Task-Test-Monitor (TTM; is a custom-made system using principles of micro-learning to manage tutorials.  Tutorial tasks are decomposed into smaller bite-sized tasks which students complete, and then complete their associated self-tests to check their understanding.  TTM was developed based on sound pedagogical theories and also uses principles of persuasive system design to better engage students.

The Comprehensive Assessment of Team Member Effectiveness (CATME; system allows students to better understand working in teams.  It can be used to suggest student team compositions based on student goals and preferences, and it can also be used to evaluate effectiveness of student performance in teams.  The peer evaluation and feedback help students to better manage their teamwork.

Quick Quiz: A Gamified Approach for Enhancing Learning
Quick Quiz is a gamified multiple-choice test that is used for student self-assessment and for instructors to determine how well students are progressing through a course.  Students play Quick Quiz in class and their performance is assessed through points and a leaderboard.  This gamified approach better motivate and engage students to learn and answer the multiple-choice tests.  Through answering these tests, both the instructors and students get feedback about the overall class performance.

Quick Quiz: A Gamified Approach for Enhancing Learning


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