Are you looking for ideas on implementing new approaches to your curriculum design and delivery?

Global Learning by Design (GLbD) was a major university project, that supported collaboration across the university. The project utilised flexible and sustainable approaches to curriculum design and delivery and developed a series of reusable learning design patterns that can be adapted to enhance the student learning experience. The learning design patterns give a step by step guide to implementing changes in learning and teaching activities at a program and course levels.

Global Learning by Design was underpinned by four pillars:

  • Ensuring staff and students are connected globally through their core activities of teaching and learning.
  • Designing and delivering academic programs for multiple locations and multiple channels.
  • Building sustainable solutions for the use of educational technologies that are innovative and practical.
  • Building capabilities and capacity within RMIT to respond to new developments in the sector.

The learning design patterns developed as part of GLbD are accessible via the Learning Design Pattern Collection repository.