February Workshops

Sessional Staff

The following workshops have been designed for sessional staff to introduce you to resources available to you at RMIT to support your Learning and Teaching activities. The workshop will be useful for both new and existing sessional staff.

This session aims to introduce you to information and resources to support your teaching at RMIT. Included will be an overview and exploration of an online repository of resources which will :

  • help you get to know RMIT and the College of Busines
  • build awareness of the approaches to teaching and learning that are valued at RMIT
  • outline expectations and essentials of your role
  • provide tools and links to assist you in your teaching
  • provide quick access links to systems and services that can support your employment.

The repository is a growing resource, so there will also be an opportunity for you to request content that you feel will make your teaching experience more satisfactory.

Workshop times and locations No registration required.

  • Wed 21 Feb 2018 11am – 12pm  RoomB080-05-01
  • Thurs 22 Feb 2018 5:30pm – 6:30pm  RoomB080-06-25
  • Fri 23 Feb 2018 11am – 12pm  Room : B080-05-01
  • Wed 28 Feb 2018 2pm – 3pm  Room B080-05-01

Course Coordinators 

Writing and Understanding Course Guides

The amended Program and Course policy has brought about changes to requirements for Courses and Course guides. This workshop will outline major changes and also discuss and demonstrate good practice in writing course guide content for students.

Bring along your current course guides to the workshops and we can use the session to make amendments or complete as required.

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Using Rubrics in Canvas – 3 Sessions available

This workshop will step you through the process of uploading and using rubrics in Canvas. Canvas has some different requirements than Blackboard. You must have rubrics ready to upload for this workshop and please bring a laptop. If you do not have access to a laptop please let Megan know (megan.chudleigh@rmit.edu.au)

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Designing Rubrics (HE Staff) – 2 Sessions

Rubrics are an essential tool for both teaching and learning. The aim of this session is to provide you with the skills and knowledge to effectively develop aligned assessment rubrics. Please bring samples of your assessment outlines and any existing rubrics you may have to work on in the workshop. This workshop will NOT cover developing and using rubrics in Canvas. A separate session will be held to cover this topic.

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Authentic Assessment – 2 Sessions

Authentic assessment requires students to perform real-world tasks and assists students to contextualise their learning to real industry situations. This workshops will investigate the process of aligning learning outcomes with authentic assessment activity. Examine different types of assessments and examine the role of rubrics and feedback in the teaching and learning process.

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