Supporting the digital production needs and requirements of the College of Business and Law and RMIT community.

So, what do we do?

Video production, animation, graphic design and much more, the College of Business and Law, Learning and Teaching Production Team can help and support you with your request! Providing Learning and Teaching resources, know-how and expertise to create great learning experiences!

Professional Development

As part of the Production Hub’s capability building. Open Studio sessions are hosted throughout the year to quickly and easily create multimedia content!  Book in to create Podcasts, introduction videos, course content and feedback to students.

Open Studio


So, your content extends above what can be captured on camera, the story and message is out this world and live action simply won’t cut it. We have the ability to create animations and motion graphics should it fit the content!

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A great method to deliver an engaging story and great content! A case study, interview, profiling a person or concept. Embedding an industry professional or concept into your course? A video is a sustainable and engaging way to uplift a course and improve your course content!

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Design and Experiential

So, you’ve got an idea and you don’t think it fits into what’s on offer – that’s OK! Fill out our Production Brief and a member of the ADG production team will get back to you with the best way to start to produce your content!

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What have we been up to?


Case Study

Production support for case study’s is a meaningful way to present the content in comparison to slabs of text etc. Whether it’s a video mock scenario (built of real world examples) or a recorded audio presentation, or enhancing said slab of text into something more engaging and easily readable in a product like Microsoft’s Sway. The ADG production Hub recognizes that building assessment around these can create opportunities to respond in authentic and consequential way.

  • Legal Scenarios

  • Financial Scenarios

  • Business Case

  • Wicked Problems and industry challenges



In a profile piece, the subject or talent will be asked a series of questions pertaining to them or their subject of expertise! As this is all about them or their subject the person asking the questions won’t be in the video.

  • Industry expert

  • Subject matter expert

  • Showcasing a concept (i.e. a new research method or software)

  • Academic Profile

  • Industry Snapshot (I.e. How does a PMO work)


Assessments, learning activities and even assessments can be hard to explain using exclusively text, pairing it with a visual like an infographic, motion graphic or a piece to camera can heighten a student’s comprehension and engagement.

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