Disruption across all organisations and sectors is occurring and the education landscape is not immune. We have shifting patterns of how and when learning is undertaken or how new skills are acquired.
This exponential speed of growth is unlike previous generations’ experience, and has significant impacts on how we are educating and reskilling our learners for the future world of work and life.
The Future of Work sees hybrid jobs, a remote workforce, new business models, entrepreneurship and the growth of the gig economy. There is also a profound emphasis on lifelong learning. We need to be bold and forward-looking in responding to these challenges, investing in strategies to deliver inspiring and transformative experiences to our students. Now is gone in a second and so we are always striving in the pursuit of Next.

The 2018 College of Business Learning and Teaching Showcase will highlight and celebrate the work we are doing as an academic and teaching community in the pursuit of Next, as well as celebrate and recognise academic staff through our Learning and Teaching Awards. Nominations Close on the 22nd of October – Nominate now!