“If you can’t explain it simply, you don’t understand it well enough”  -Albert Einstein

How do you know your students have grasped a concept without performing an assessment? When can you be satisfied that a concept or skill has been sufficiently explained? Occasionally students express concern that instructors do not thoroughly explain themselves either in class or online. Find out ways in which you can ensure effective explanations by taking a look at the tools available here in the responding section of the Toolbox.

Resources from the Toolbox

See below for resources to assist with Explaining

The L&T Toolbox provides practical examples for how teaching staff can further enhance their courses using evidence based approaches and activities. The items in the Toolbox have been separated into six categories; Explaining, Responding, Motivation, Engaging, Supporting and Communicating. Targeting specific areas, these resources are aimed at reinforcing RMIT’s vision for student centred learning and empower you to deliver on this promise.

Created in collaboration with experienced learning designers, media producers and senior learning and teaching stakeholders, this toolkit offers a tailored and targeted series of resources. Adoption of the tips and techniques suggested in these resources will help increase student satisfaction by engaging the cohort with opportunities to connect with their instructors and content in diverse ways.

Whilst being bite-sized, these activities deliver a large impact on the student experience and move us towards ensuring our students remain actively engaged throughout their learning journey.