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Course Guide Tools

The checklists and guides outline the College of Business and Law design and delivery expectation of all courses in the College (noting they incorporate both University policy and college standards). These guidelines have been produced to assist HE and VE course coordinators tasked with writing new course guides or updating existing ones and should be referred to each semester before commencing the creation of a course guide.

The Course Guide must be provided to students before or during the first scheduled class. It is an important tool for students, and it represents a legally binding contract between RMIT and the student.

The links below will take you to a PDF where you can download the documents. An email account ending in account is required to access.

To organise a briefing then please contact the Learning and Teaching Portfolio.


Learning and Teaching Portfolio - College of Business and Law

Learning and Teaching Portfolio - College of Business and Law

Level 6, Building 80, 445 Swanston Street Melbourne VIC 3000


Download links

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HE Checklist (click to download)
HE Course Guide Handbook (click to download)
VE Checklist (click to download)


Online Resource Finder

As part of the COVID-19 response, we have developed a checklist for you to help ensure your course is available online, this will have been emailed to you with a request to respond to these elements. For an overview of Online Readiness, check out this webpage. This post will take you through some how to’s and specifications that will help action the checklist items.

Online Delivery Check List

Online Resource Finder

COVID-19 has prompted an urgent transition to online learning and teaching(OL&T) delivery. In a flurry to assist, almost every school, portfolio and department across RMIT University has developed tools, tips, resources and solutions to support staff and students to move to learning and teaching online. This resource aims to make finding those resources a little easier by providing snapshots of and links to the website, channel or Canvas shell housing OL&T materials.

RMIT Online Learning and Teaching Resource Finder

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