The Learning and Teaching portfolio supports academic and teaching staff in developing and improving quality education products across the College of Business. Focussing on accessibility, innovation, and best practices in learning design.


Rubrics highlight the value of using assessment rubrics for teaching staff and students, and besides being a scoring tool, rubrics also represent the closing link between Program Learning Outcomes (PLOs), Course Learning Outcomes (CLOs) and assessment: the constructive alignment process. In this sense, rubrics demonstrate RMIT’s contract with the student has been met. Peruse the resources available when working with rubrics.

Academic Integrity: Plagiarism

RMIT university defines academic integrity as the ‘honest presentation of your academic work. It means acknowledging the work of others while developing your own insights, knowledge and ideas.’ (RMIT University 2018 a para.1). If needing to find out more about integrity, checkout the resources and tools available stay on top of this important challenge.

Self Service Recording Studios

The College of Business and Law is fortunate to have access to 5 Self-Service Recording Studios. You will find an iMac loaded with Microsoft Office and Adobe apps, a Rode external microphone, a Logitech 4K webcam camera mounted on a boom arm, an Elgato Stream Deck and two Elgato Studio lights. Book a Recording Studio to record your videos!

Reading List

Utilising the library reading list tool can help you to maximise the use of library resources in a way which is copyright compliant and adds more student functionality and interactivity.

Writing Course Learning Outcomes

Course Learning Outcomes inform students of exactly what they will learn and what they must be able to demonstrate and courses. Writing them well is critical for good course design and helps courses meet the Australian Government requirements as identified in the TEQSA Threshold Standards.

Accessibility Templates

The following page provides important information and resources on our CoBL centric templates, accessibility guides and CoBL approved colours to help make your content more accessible to all.

Simple Ways to Enhance Accessibility

Making courses more accessible makes for a better and more inclusive experience for all. There are a few simple ways you can make your course and course materials more accessible.  These tips can help to start you on a journey to make your courses and courses more accessible. 

CoBL Sharepoint Site

The COBL sharepoint site provides key staff resources and details about various aspects of the College including organisational charts, key dates, committees and governance. Here you can learn about the portfolios, schools, and access key staff resources. This site provides a go-to information resource for all things CoBL.

Quality Enhancement Site

The Quality Enhancement site provides College and School academic and professional staff with a vast array of essential resources. Including lists of all College and School programs and courses offered in all locations and delivery modes. Quick links to essential program and course forms, links to relevant policies, and answers to frequently asked questions.

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