The University has a standardised and systematised approach to the collection and reporting of course level student feedback.

The Course Experience Survey (CES) is an online survey administered to students in every course at RMIT to collect student feedback for improvements in learning and teaching. There are two instruments, one for Higher Education (HE) and one for Vocational Education (VE). Both versions incorporate items from the Good Teaching Scale (GTS) of the CEQ (a national graduate survey governed by Graduate Careers Australia) for HE and the Student Outcomes Survey for VE.

The surveys also measure the overall student satisfaction with the course. Each of these questions is measured against a 5 point scale ranging from ‘Strongly Disagree’ to ‘Strongly Agree’.

Both versions have provision for up to eight additional questions to be selected from a question bank by course coordinators to gather information of interest to specific courses.

Two qualitative questions are asked allowing for written comment by respondents:

  • “What are the best aspects of this course?”
  • “What aspects of this course are in most need of improvement?”

Lastly, students are asked how many hours they spent studying for the course outside class in the past week.


Increasing your GTS

The GTS (Good Teaching Score) is one of the metrics taken from the CES

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