Project Description

Welcome to Program Videos

How to prepare your Welcome Video for your students both in and out of the classroom

Why do we need Welcome to Program Videos?

We want to support student belonging as a blended experience, so it’s a good idea to include a 2+ minute video from the Program Manager to welcome students to RMIT and the Program. This video will be shown at the induction sessions for new students entering into the Program as well as being available through canvas.

In order to book in a timeslot to film your video

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What to include?

To assist in recording this video, we have listed some key things you may wish to cover and recommend including other unique items to your program that students should be aware of.

Key things to cover:

  • Who you are
    Name, title and your involvement/interest in the Program
  • Benefits of the program
    What do the students stand to gain from your program?
  • Key concepts and ideas
    What are they and why are they important?
  • When to be present
    This is the call to action – encourage them to engage online/in class