Project Description

Glossary Tool

Helping student understanding.


This Glossary Tool helps students understand the terminology used within your course. Key terms within your content will feature dots beneath them and a definition will appear via a tooltip on hover.


The Glossary Tool:

• links words on a page to a hidden glossary list

• automatically searches for glossary words and attributes them with a hover tooltip definition

• provides only one highlighted instance of a glossary term within each course page

• can be updated by authors, or students where authorised.

Why use it?

Courses often contain numerous industry-specific terms and acronyms that students may be unfamiliar with. The Glossary Tool automatically marks up these terms within a course page, providing students with a definition precisely when they need it.

How to use it

The Glossary Tool is easy to use. Content writers can create glossary tooltips for their course in only three steps:

• Create a ‘Global Glossary’ page within the Canvas course

• Add terms to the Glossary

• Save.

Take a look at our downloadable resource for more information.