Project Description

Assessment Feedback

Deepen Learning

Feedback says to a student, “Somebody cared enough about my work to read it and think about it!” (Brookhart 2017, p.1). It can show students that the educator acknowledges their efforts and wants to help them improve.

Outcome-oriented Feedback

Assessments are necessary for the educator to gauge student learning and the feedback on these assessments are vital for the student to deepen their learning and to identify any gaps in their knowledge. Assessment feedback can be viewed as outcome-oriented whereas feedback based on student’s thinking before providing answers in assessments can be viewed as process-oriented feedback (Gjerde, Padgett & Skinner 2017).

Learning Context

Strategies for assessment feedback

  • Explicitly outline the methods you will be using to provide assessment feedback e.g. rubrics, marking guides, comments (written or audio), etc.
  • Note that RMIT is transitioning to requiring a rubric for an assessment that contributes 20% or more to the total course mark (RMIT University 2018, p. 5).
  • Students do not always perceive marking methods as feedback therefore be explicit i.e. when talking about marking make the word ‘feedback’ part of your vocabulary.
  • Ensure rubrics and marking guides are clear and concise. Perhaps have a colleague review them.
  • Include the rubrics/marking guides with assessment requirements/criteria then explain and discuss them with students before assessments are due.
  • Ensure with group work assessments that feedback is provided to each individual in accordance with RMIT Assessment Processes (RMIT University 2018, p. 6).
  • Return feedback on in-course assessments within 10 working days of due date or extension date (RMIT University 2018, p. 8).
  • After feedback is released to students, offer them the opportunity for more detailed individual feedback via email or consultation.
NB: for more information on process-oriented feedback refer to the Quick Impact resource titled “Progressive Feedback”.


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