Project Description

Generating Captions with ARC



Captions is a feature in Arc that creates closed captions of audio and video files added to your Arc repository

As part of accessibility standards at RMIT all video and audio files require either captions or transcriptions provided as an option.

When to use Captions

Closed caption feature should be used whenever you embed video and audio into your course.

How to use the Captioning tool

Once your video is uploaded to Arc you can request to have closed captions added. Select the Captions tab under the video file. You will then need to select the language option for the transcript and the press the request button. Once the video is transcribed you will be notified via email. Select the ‘review and publish’ button to make changes. You will then need to check the text against the audio for accuracy and make any needed edits via the rich content editor once you have selected the edit button. Once all changes have been made select the ‘publish’ button.