Project Description

CoB FutureReady Day

Helping our students on their path to their future career success!


The College of Business FutureReady Day (CoBFRD) is an event held each semester with the objective to inspire all College of Business Students to begin engaging in their career, and to assist in this ‘transition out’ into Industry. This is achieved through events (Activations) such as CV Checks by Industry, RMIT Alumni Presentations, Free Food and Entertainment. The official event period is 6 hours, often from 10:00 AM till 4:00 PM an, engages with 2000 students, and held in RMIT Swanston Academic Building (SAB) in Building 80 in over 6-8 floors. CoBFRD is a shared, collaborative project between RMIT Careers and Employability (C&E) and RMIT Learning and Teaching Portfolio.

The event aims to provide the following insights to our students:

  • Aware of the steps they need to take to secure graduate employment, to pursue self-employment and entrepreneurial activities, or further study;
  • Recognise the valuable employability skills and experiences they have acquired through their program and co-curricular activities; and
  • Understand that RMIT is there to support them now and into the future.

What are the results?