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What’s On?

The 2020 L&T Professional Development Series starts next week!

As the new semester approaches, the Learning and Teaching team will present a series of workshops, clinics and resources for COBL academic staff- new and returning staff, those stepping up into new roles or taking on new courses, and those who just want to take a moment to reflect on their L&T journeys. The ‘Professional Development Series’ includes a range of sessions that will be applicable to everyone, so book in to a workshop today! Come and share your ideas and experience as we kick off for 2020.

January workshops include:

There will also be a number of ‘Drop In’ sessions scheduled so that you can pop in and chat to a learning designer or educational developer for a bit of advice or support on whatever you want/need.

And that’s just for starters!  The full schedule for 2020 is coming soon.