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What’s On?

1. Drop In session- Course Alignment/General learning design support

Are all your ducks in a row? i.e. do your assessments match nicely with your Course Learning Outcomes (CLOs), which in turn sit neatly under their PLOs?  Or does something seem a little off?

If you want to chat to a Learning Designer about the constructive alignment (or misalignment, yes it happens) in your Course or Program- or anything else curriculum or assessment related- come along to a Drop-In session with the COB Learning Designers.

When: Wed Nov 20th; 9am-11am

Where: B080-09-044

Who: PMs; CCs, anyone who wants to chat about course alignment

2. Workshop – Teaching Diverse Cohorts

As our classrooms become more and more diverse- in terms of our students’ prior learning, cultural and language backgrounds, learning preferences and life experiences- it is worth taking time out to think about how we can make the most of the opportunities, and overcome the challenges, that this creates.  Come and join the discussion- and consider staying for the follow-on session ‘Enhancing student engagement & belonging’ (from 11am-12pm).

When: Tues Nov 26th; 10am- 11am

Where: B080-09-008

Who: All academic staff


3. Workshop – Enhancing Student Engagement and Belonging

What makes our students engage: in class? In deeper learning? In their own professional development?  And how does the increasing diversity in our classrooms influence (and impact on) this? Come and join the discussion:

When: Tues Nov 26th; 11am- 12pm

Where: B080-09-008

Who: All academic staff


4. Workshop – Implementing Reading Lists in CANVAS

The RMIT library, in conjunction with RMIT Studios, present “An introduction to using Reading Lists in CANVAS”.  Why, where, how can you use reading lists to support your students?

When: Fri Nov 29th; 12.30 – 1pm (plus time for discussion afterwards)

Where: B080-11-007

Who: Course Coordinators