MOOC for University lecturers 

Have you completed your ELT modules and been wondering: what’s next? when it comes to the development of your teaching practice?

Perhaps this MOOC, Contemporary Approaches to University Teaching, is worth considering.  Personally, I’m a recent convert to the MOOC world and particularly enjoy the informal, short-term (no commitment) community of practice that forms throughout the online interactions.  This MOOC is designed in Australia and hence relates directly to our teaching context.  The different modules take you through common scenarios that occur throughout a teaching semester, providing thought starters that can help you to identify what you’re already doing well, and where you might choose to focus your developmental efforts in the future.  If you haven’t done any online studies recently, MOOCs are also a great opportunity to put yourself into your students’ shoes and remember what that feels like – or perhaps to develop some new skills to showcase in your own teaching practice.   

Alternatively, perhaps you’re new to program managing- if so, have you seen this recent offering from RMIT Studios Designing Effective Programs 

As for me, I’ve just started at RMIT in the role of ‘Senior Advisor– L&T’ for CoB so if you want to have a chat about any aspect of your career development please get in contact, I’d love to meet with you

As for me, I’ve just started in my role at RMIT for the College of Business, I’d love to chat to you about any aspect of your career development.

Keen to discuss more, reach out!


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