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Now is already gone…….and we are always striving for the pursuit of Next!

This year the College of Business engaged with  one of the largest curriculum transformation projects ever undertaken at RMIT. Academic and teaching staff in the College of Business  have been uplifting, augmenting and redesigning curriculum to be truly future focused.

           With this incredible future-focused work in 2018. ‘Next’ was a natural theme for our 2018 showcase, held on 8 November at Storey Hall. The Education NEXT  Showcase saw a large number of Academic and Professional staff across RMIT, as well as Industry partners, come together to view and discuss the many innovations and initiatives in Learning and Teaching.

The Keynote

The key note this year was delivered by Jan Owen, CEO of the Foundation for Young Australians.  Jan’s speech implored co creation with the next generation of students, Gen Z. Identifying a difference in passion and values in comparison to previous cohorts.

For the second year, the Learning and Teaching Awards were announced, shaped around the RMIT Values and recognising those who embody the values of passion, agility, impact, inclusion, imagination and courage. We were delighted to have over 60 nominations across the categories and an inspiring number of students submitted nominations for the imagination category. To view this year’s list of winner’s please click this link.

The booths

For 2018 there were four main booths which exemplified the work undertaken within the College of Business and more broadly across the University. People Next looked at supporting inspiring teaching, and demonstrating the work of this year’s Project Transformation. Products Next included the team from RMIT Online and the Blockchain Innovation Hub, who had developed solutions for industry recognised just-in-time reskilling and upskilling options, and demand-driven accredited programs. The Design and Delivery Next booth comprised of the Library and Learning & Teaching Design teams who demonstrated several new Canvas LTIs with an accessibility focus. The staff from the Learning and Teaching Portfolio also showed their just-released Learning and Teaching Toolbox. The Beyond Next booth featured an Augmented Reality application developed by the Learning and Teaching Portfolio, as well as information on Global Experiences and the new Canvas Page Builder.

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