People NEXT celebrates and recognises our people (academic and teaching staff, professional staff and industry) as being at the centre of what we do in order to drive real, step change and significant impact across our programs and courses. In turn, we create educational opportunities for our students that set them up for graduate success and ensure they are ready for life and work.

People NEXT showcases the fabulous work we have achieved in 2018 in the pursuit of Education Next across four key areas: Customer Experience and Digital, Focus Area 2: Every Graduate Ready and Supporting Inspiring Teaching, Industry Engagement and Project METIS.  The Future of Work sees hybrid jobs, a remote workforce, new business models, entrepreneurship and the growth of the gig economy. We need our people to be adaptive to and open to this new world of work and forward-looking in responding to these challenges, investing in strategies to deliver inspiring and transformative experiences to our students. People Next will showcase precisely how we are doing this in our academic and teaching community.

  • Program Transformation Strategy

  • Celebrating and Showcasing our Program Leaders

  • Driving sustainable change

  • Leadership in Action

  • Embedding industry experiences in our programs and courses

  • Student Experience: Moments that Matter

  • Project METIS: Careers in Learning and Teaching