College of Business 2018 Learning and Teaching Awards

Recognising excellence in Learning and Teaching in RMIT’s College of Business

The Learning and Teaching awards were announced at the 2018 College of Business Learning and Teaching Showcase. These awards recognise individuals and teams who excel in RMIT’s values of Agility, Inclusion, Courage, Passion and Imagination. Nominations are accepted by peers, students and self-nomination and put to a panel. We congratulate the following winners of this year’s College of Business Awards.

The College of Business, Learning and Teaching awards are open for 2019 and will be presented at a revamped College of Business awards ceremony, visit the 2019 Learning and Teaching awards portal for more information.

2019 L&T Awards


Dr Elsie Hooi

School of Business IT and Logistics

Dr Hooi’s passion for curriculum innovation, authentic assessment and strong industry partnerships have resulted in a significant and positive impact on learning endorsed by students, colleagues, alumni and industry. Her pedagogies facilitate student-centred, impact-oriented, problem-solving and experiential learning. She has designed industry-connected assessments which are authentic and impart transferable skills while improving students’ ability to communicate effectively. Extensive use of digital learning technologies, educational videos and industry standard communication platforms ensure a high-quality student experience.

Research Integration

Ms Clara Nkhoma

School of Business & Management

Ms Nkhoma teaches and coordinates Accounting in Organisations and Society. She spearheaded an innovative approach to deal with poor student engagement due to second language difficulties and lack of understanding of complex accounting terminology. This included extensive research in key areas; implementation of an inter teaching approach; introduction of an outside-of-class communication tool; a transition to authentic assessment; and reflective teacher practice.


Ms Vanessa Brancatisano

School of Vocational Business Education

Ms Brancatisano’s objective for her Buyer Behaviour course was to create a memorable, life-changing experience for students through an applied research project, which built vital skills in teamwork, research, leadership, communication as well as creative problem-solving. This was supported by government collaboration to encourage learning in real-world environments. Funding from the Pitch Tank initiative provided a tangible reward for excellence.


Mr Peter Holyoake

Mrs Swati Dave

School of Vocational Business Education

Mr Holyoake and Mrs Dave collaborated in the development of an authentic assessment in the form of an International Business Development Strategy. This involved students from universities in Ireland and Finland as well as RMIT. The final ten in the RMIT team comprised four females and six males. These students came from varied backgrounds including Vietnamese-Australian, Chinese-Australian and Indonesian. Two students had Equitable Learning Programs (ELP) to help manage disabilities. The two ELP students, encouraged by fellow students and teachers, were among eight RMIT students who travelled to Ireland to deliver their recommendations. This their first trip overseas.



School of Vocational Business Education

Ms Felicity Burns

Ms Burns has demonstrated courage, innovation and excellence in teaching through her involvement in 14 new projects in her less than three years teaching at RMIT. These projects have been both local and global, creating new experiences and opportunities for RMIT students, providing them with industry engagement and the development of valuable vocational skills. Her design and delivery of real-world learning environments include simulated industry experience, innovation, teamwork and use of digital media platforms.


Dr Sue Reynolds

Ms Wendy Frerichs

Dr Huan Vo-Tran

School of Business IT and Logistics

Dr Reynolds, Ms Frerichs and Dr Vo-Tran are passionate about both teaching and the information profession. They have the dual objective of producing work-ready graduates with necessary industry skills and attributes as well as assisting them to develop connectedness and responsibility to, and deep engagement with, the profession. Their Professional Experience course includes a 15-day practical placement as a WIL activity where students investigate the information profession and are placed according to their interests. Their presentations and published research further indicate their passion for the profession and their commitment to its development.


Associate Professor Marta Poblet Balcell

Graduate School of Business and Law

Associate Professor Poblet Balcell’s inspiring work as a lecturer of Managing Technology and Innovation course led to her nomination for this award. Her classes are interspersed with thought-provoking discussion, small group challenges, new innovations and relevant videos. Hands-on engagement with technology and practical tasks, talks from industry expert speakers, along with her vibrant student support and encouragement, equip Associate Professor Poblet Balcell’s students to think creatively, solve problems and build business value through technology and innovation.


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