Beyond Next – Anticipating the changing profile of learning, discover how the strategies and innovations within the College and beyond will assist you to meet the needs of our students of the future.

We know the profile and the needs of our learners are changing, but how do we meet that challenge? We encourage you to imagine the future – is there more customisation, more flexibility, more connection with industry, more ‘bells and whistles’? Will we be credential-stacking, expanding the definition of RPL, outsourcing? We’ll certainly be assisting our students to upskill and reskill, rather than just teaching students straight out of secondary school. Bring your crystal ball along and we’ll chat about how we can partner with you for this new future.

  •  Increased efficiency in Canvas through Page Builder

  • Increased flexibility in delivery and customisation of qualifications

  • Augmented Reality to engage students and bring the real world to the classroom