Amy Harrington, Manager of the Industry Engagement and WiL teams in the College of Business recently sat down to discuss initiatives currently being undertaken. This chat includes an update on the Focus Area Industry for Real and also covers the growth of the Co-op program. Amy also highlights an upcoming industry event,  Global Business Innovation Conversation: Manufacturing Rebooted which will be held on Tuesday 28 August. Details are below!

Should you want any more information on how Amy and her team can help you or your students foster deeper connections with industry please email her directly.

Timecode Breakdown

  • 0-1:55: Amy talks about the team and the roles within them.
  • 1:55 – 4:34: The Co-op Program and some information about this years placements. 
  • 4:34 – 6:47: Industry events that are happening this year.
  • 6:47 – 8:29: Focus Areas: Industry Challenges and Students on Demand. 
  • 8:29 – 8:53: How to connect with the IE and WiL teams. 
Amy Harrington
Amy HarringtonManager | Industry Engagement and WIL

How can manufacturers leverage innovative technologies in the business model context?

The development of new technologies is disrupting the traditional business models of manufacturing, opening opportunities to pursue untapped markets, and driving innovation in the area of product development.

Disruption opens the playing field for start-ups and SME’s, with leading manufacturers equally focused on leveraging technology and business model innovation. The impact of major trends such as additive manufacturing, nanotechnology and the Internet of Things have forced leaders to rethink innovation in manufacturing, redefine functions of their business and revisit business models.

The conversation will explore co-creative opportunities and ask the question – is collaboration enough?

If you’re in the business of manufacturing or operate within the manufacturing environment, join the conversation and collaborate with innovators, designers, technologists, academics and business experts. Adapt and plan for innovation to change the game in the fourth industrial revolution.

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