Open Studio – June

For 2018 the Academic Development Group is hosting several Open Studio sessions. This is a time where Academic staff can utilise the specialist media staff of the ADG for technical support and advice in creating media-rich content for canvas.

Open Studio opportunities

For June the ADG Production team will be hosting, short video focused Open studio events. This is an opportunity for you to come in and record the likes of announcements to your students, detail upcoming assessments or record an introduction to the upcoming week!

The College of Business Studio will continue to host photo opportunities, whether this be to update your headshot for your canvas course, your RMIT profile or anything else where you require a ID photo. Just fill out the expression of interest form and the ADG production team will contact you to organise a time!

Short Videos – June 4th – Booking Form
Short Videos – June 12th – Booking Form
Short Videos – June 20th – Booking Form
Short Videos – June 28th – Booking Form

Is there a Open Studio opportunity that you’d be interested in attending?

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