The CoB-specific social mentoring program, Buddies@RMIT, was launched for S1 2018 with the help of a very welcoming, honorary staff member, Mr Murphy the Buddy Mascot.

RMIT Buddies is a peer-mentoring program that enables new RMIT students to meet current RMIT students for support, orientation and information. It’s a great way for new students to make friends and to settle into our university.

Mr Murphy was the perfect icebreaker and provided many opportunities for engagement with our new students at the recent Orientation events.  Cultural differences and language barriers aside, who doesn’t adore a fluffy puppy? During moments of stress, isolation and feeling very unsure of one’s unfamiliar surroundings, the stress-relief achieved through something as simple as dog therapy can work wonders to ease the nerves of our brand new hopefuls.  In fact, Mr Murphy was so popular, I am currently looking into the possibility of bringing Therapy Dogs ( on-campus, especially during assignment and exam periods.

*currently accepting pats and Buddy applications*

We accept Mentee applications throughout all teaching weeks of semester, so please encourage your students to become part of the RMIT Buddy Community by logging into the Mentoring Portal below or via email <>.

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