RMIT has a new Digital learning and Teaching Framework that will be at the core of the digital learning ecosystem that we all put together. It brings together 6 core principles underpinned by agreed standards that support us all in delivering high quality digital learning experiences for our students.

The purpose of the framework is to assist staff and students across the University to use digital platforms to meet the learning and teaching aspirations in RMIT’s strategic plan as well as core legislative requirements.

The framework positions ‘digital learning and teaching’ within an ecosystem that includes the LMS (Canvas), other digital platforms, face-to-face teaching, industry/workplace learning and other environments.

The framework emphasises the ‘doing’ of digital learning and teaching. The framework is not a literature review, rather it translates key lessons from policy and research into concise, adoptable practices

The framework is intended to support good practice across the whole of RMIT. It is not specific to discipline or Australian Qualifications Framework level.

The framework emphasises consistency, not sameness.